Committed to delivering healthcare for the future.

Focused on strong values and culture so that we can challenge and innovate for patients with rare diseases.

Continue to strive for people who have Unmet Medical Needs.

Contribute to Society by Providing Critical but Neglected Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

About Plusultra Pharma

As a research and development-based pharmaceutical company, we develop pharmaceuticals for unmet needs, such as orphan drugs, off-label medicines, and paediatric medicines. Before delivering new products, we always consider the needs of our customers.



Plusultra pharma, as a group of Nobelpharma, has earnestly addressed the launch of medicines that other companies do not pursue, in order to fulfil the needs of society.


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    “Critical but neglected – That is precisely why it must be created.”

    Plusultra pharma GmbH and Plusultra pharma UK Ltd. were established in Duesseldorf, Germany, and Oxford, United Kingdom, respectively in 2020, as overseas subsidiaries in Europa regions of Nobelpharma Group. The headquarter of the group, Nobelpharma was founded in 2003 in Tokyo, Japan, to fulfill our mission of “Contributing to Society by Providing Critical but Neglected Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices” that other companies do not pursue. We have since obtained approvals for the manufacturing and sale of new drugs in numbers on par with large pharmaceutical companies, and we have been providing these drugs to patients. We take much pride in the unique corporate philosophy that has made this possible.